XQ-E16-0201NP IP68 M16 screw crimping cable outdoor waterproof connector male female connector waterproof cables

M16 waterproof connector Outdoor Screw Type IP68 Electrical Wire Connectors.
Assembled, Threaded, Crimp.

Waterproof grade IP68, high sealing, strong waterproof wire connector
Mainly used in outdoor waterproof equipment, LED outdoor lights, module lights, street lights, tunnel lights, etc.

Name                                     Waterproof Cables                          
Model XQ-E16-0201NP
Rated current [A] 5A,8A,10A,15A
Rated voltage 250V                                                 
Connection technology Screw Connection
Operating Temperature Range  -40℃~+105℃
Method of installation Surface mounting
House material Nylon 
Material of connection parts Brass
Housing 94V-2 grade
IP code IP68
Cable Gague 0.3mm² -2.0mm² (22-14AWG)
Cable OD ≤12mm
Contact Diameter Φ0.8, Φ1.0, Φ1.5
Application Outdoor ,underwater