One-stop Service

One-stop Service

We can provide one-stop service from PCB board production, electronic component procurement to PCB board assembly. We can provide complete turnkey electronic engineering and manufacturing solutions. No matter what your quantities, we can produce what you need and deliver a fully functioning product right to your door.

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1,PCB Service:

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Manufacturing Service:
Our engineering department will check customer designs for manufacturability firstly, after the documentation and travelers for the boards are created. These files follow the board and give information about the board throughout the manufacturing process.Then enter the manufacturing process of the PCB board, including Inner-Layer Process, Outer-Layer Process, Final Lamination, Electrical Test, Inspection.

Assembly Service:
We use surface month (SMT), through hole and mixed technology to produce consigned PCB assembly, turnkeys, board types with metal cores, etc. as per your requirements. We can provide SMT Assembly, Through Hole PCB Assembly, Low Volume PCB Assembly, High Volume PCB Assembly, Mixed Technology assembly, PCB Material Management and etc.


2, Electronic Component Service:

In the field of electronic components, we have strong resource integration capabilities and more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing and sales. We can provide services related to product design, component selection and BOM allocation service. 

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