FF-HJX-0201 IP68 M20 screw crimping cable outdoor waterproof connector cable lighting engineering power connector waterproof cables

  4 Pin waterproof connector Outdoor Screw Type IP68 Electrical Wire Connectors.
  Waterproof wire connector PA66 outdoor cable waterproof cables connectors .
Name Waterproof Cables
Model FF-HJX-0201
Rated current [A] 10 [A]
Rated voltage 450VAC
Connection technology Screw connection
Installation temperature range -5℃~+60℃
Method of installation Surface mounting
House material Nylon 
Material of connection parts Brass
Housing 94V-2 grade
IP code IP68
Wire cross -section area 0.5 mm2~2.5 mm2
Available cable diameter 5-9mm & 9-12mm
Certificate TUV,CE,ROHS
Application Outdoor ,underwater