Engineer Service

Engineer Service

We have a team of more than 30 engineers for electronic components and PCB, making sure offer you engineer query in 24 hours, For special case by quick turn service, we will use only 2 hours. 

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We also can provide a full technical service from R&D to mass production,We make an on-going effort to maintain awareness and understanding of the latest technological trends and concepts so that each client’s needs can be given competent and professional consideration.

Our experienced PCB and electronic engineers can make your ideas happen!
1,PCB Engineering: 

• We can provide consulting services for PCB design in the early stage, including writing a technical specification,schematic design and PCB layout. 

• Once your PCB design layout is approved for production and we receive your order information for PCB boards , we export it into the format that we can supports.We prepare a bill of materials (BOM) and Gerber files that describe design requirements for each image of a circuit board. We will use this documentation as a reference for board fabrication and PCB assembly. For certain projects, we also create a 3D model of a PCB to make sure it fits the housing. Testing is essential for both our PCB layout design services and the fabrication stage. We provide the manufacturer with the data and software necessary to perform an electrical and impedance test. After the prototypes are manufactured, we test them in-house. 

• After the prototype validation, we prepare the files for mass production and assist the customer throughout the manufacturing process. We arrange special software, hardware, and testing procedures to test each PCB at the factory. 

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2, Electronic Components Engineering: We can provide following services on electronic components:

• Design Service: We can independently complete from customer demand research, product concept formation, product design, mold design and development, production automation and other comprehensive development process.

• Technical Consultation Service: including component selection, electrical characteristics consultation and parts use consultation services, We can help customers to solve the products’ technology and quality issues by managing the entire production process

• Testing Service: We will test raw materials and finished components, including appearance inspection, electrical test, life test, temperature resistance test, etc. Strict testing standards and standardized testing procedures can ensure the quality of our products
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