Single-layer Printed circuit board Aluminum Substrate Single-layer PCB

Aluminum PCB typically is single-layer PCB, It has a similar layout to any other PCB. It has a layer or layers of copper, solder mask and silkscreen layered over it.
This base mainly contains a combination of aluminum.The metal core can consist entirely of metal or have a combination of fiberglass and aluminum. 

Name: Aluminum Single-layer PCB
Material: Aluminum Plate+High thermal insulation material
Application: Lamps and Lanterns
Layers/plate thickness: 1L/1.0mm
Surface Treatment: HASL
Line width/line spacing: NA/NA
Minimum aperture: 1.0mm


1,Low Cost: Aluminum is a metal that can be found in a variety of climates, so it is easy to mine and refine.
2,Environmentally Friendly: Aluminum is non-toxic and recyclable. 
3,Heat Dissipation: High temperatures can cause severe damage to electronics, so it is wise to use a material that can help dissipate heat.
4,Higher Durability: Aluminum provides strength and durability to a product that ceramic or fiberglass bases cannot.
Lightweight: For its incredible durability, aluminum is a surprisingly lightweight metal.