EC210110 21mm Electrodeless 30 Detent Car Audio Navigation Rotary Switch Hollow shaft Encoder

21mm size rotay encoder for microscopic current circuits used in electonic equipment,Ring type rotary encoder,Incremental type Hollow shaft Encoder 

Name: Hollow shaft Encoder 
Phase Difference:≥ 5 ms
Rated Voltage:DC 10V
Insulation Resistance:100MΩ 1 Minute at DC 250V
Dielectric Voltage:1 Minute at AC 300V
Shaft Play In Rotational Wobble: 2° Max
Detent  Torque: 120±±
Rotational Life: 30,000 Cycles 

Have a good feel of operation, long service life, the body can be attached self-taping screws lock the hollow space additional push switch mechanism.The product is suitable for car audio, car air conditioning, car navigation and other household appliances, the related electronic equipment, primarily as adjust the volume, adjust the temperature, frequency, function switch and so on.

Electrical Characteristics
Resolution                                                18/360°&15/360°                                                                    
Phase Difference ≥ 5 ms
Rated Voltage DC 10V
Insulation Resistance 100MΩ 1 Minute at DC 250V
Dielectric Voltage 1 Minute at AC 300V
Mechanical Characteristics
Shaft Wobble                                            0.2mm Max                                                                            
Shaft Play In Rotational Wobble 2° Max
Number and Position of Detent 18 Detents (Angle: 20°±3°); 30 Detents (Angle: 12°±3°)
Detent  Torque 120±±
Rotational Life 30,000 Cycles 
Operating temperature  range -20°C~+70° C