DC-045D DIP through hole Right-Angle type Pin Size 1.65mm DC Power Jack

DC Power Jack is a component used in many electronic devices that allows a steady power source to be plugged in.

Name: DC Power Jack
Rating:: DC 30V 5A Max
Contact Resistance:: ≤0.03Ω
Insulation Resistance:: ≥100MΩ
Withstand Voltage: AC500V(50Hz)/Min
Operating Force: 3~25N
Lifetime: 50,000cycles

These DC power connectors are available in brass, SPCC, and nickel-plated materials for the washer, center pin, threaded barrel, and nut. 
Applications for the DC Power Jack include:Handheld devices,Wearable electronics,Internet of things,Smart home devices,Telecommunications,Testing equipment,etc.